Each paper must have a full registration for presentation of a paper at the conference and inclusion of the same paper in the proceedings.

One registration form covers the registration of one paper and the participation of one person. If an author has two (or more) accepted papers, each paper must be paid with a separate registration. Additional papers could enjoy 100 USD discount off the standard registration fee.

Categories for Vietnamese Author Presenter Delegate
Standard 450 USD 280 USD 230 USD
Students 420 USD 250 USD 200 USD


Categories for Non-Vietnamese Author Presenter Delegate
Standard 550 USD 380 USD 330 USD
Students 520 USD 350 USD 300 USD

The registration fee includes admission to all technical sessions; one lunch, one dinner, two coffee breaks, conference materials, a small gift.
For attendees who submitted full papers, both publication & presentation.
Presenter: For attendees who submitted abstracts, only presentation without publication
Delegate: For attendees without paper submission, Neither presentation nor publication. Fill out the Online Registration Form and register immediately.

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